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Family Literacy Week

January 20-27 is Family Literacy Week!  Stop by the library and pick up a Literacy Bingo card for a chance to win a free book!  Winners will be chosen in February, so be sure to return your completed cards by Friday, Feb 2.


Reading Link Challenge

Noel Booth participates in an enrichment book club supported by the Fraser Valley Regional Library.  Students in grades 4 and 5 are invited to read 6 novels and to study them in detail.  Students will play games to practice their book knowledge in preparation for team competitions that take place from Feb-May.  In teams of 3-6, they will be competing for the privilege of representing Noel Booth at the district challenge.  For more information about this program and a list of this year’s books, see the link to the FVRL page here.  Congratulations to our 2017/2018 participants for all of their hard work at the district challenge last year.  Although we didn’t bring home a win, they all worked hard, supported their teammates, and committed to reading.

Langley Book of the Year

Each year, new books are nominated for the Langley Book of the Year by a committee of Langley librarians.

To be eligible to vote for their favourite book each April, students in grades 4-7 must read three or more books. They are encouraged to read as many books as possible to make the vote even more meaningful. After completing a book, each student must answer a question or two about the story.  Those students that read 8 or more books will also be invited to an ice cream social in the summer.

For further information on the Langley Book of the Year and a list of this year’s titles, click here

Past nominees:

2017-2018 Nominees

2016-2017 Nominees

2015-2016 Nominees

Langley Picture Book of the Year

Primary students also have a chance to choose their favourite books each year.  In the library and in our classrooms, we will share all of the nominated picture books with our primary students and give them the opportunity to vote for their favourites.  Click here for information about this year’s nominees!

Global Read Aloud

Our school participated in the Global Read Aloud again this year.  This is a project that allows schools and individual classrooms to make global connections by discussing and sharing a single novel or set of picture books.  Mrs. Boyce read the picture books in the library with our K-2 classes, and several teachers have chosen to participate in their classrooms.  For more information about this initiative, a list of participating schools, and to see the list of books selected this year, click here.

FVRL Public Library

Didn’t find a book that you were looking for at school?  Search for a book at the public library with a current FVRL library card here

BC’s Summer Reading Club

Congratulations to the 29 students that participated with the FVRL in the Motion Commotion Summer Reading Club by reading throughout the summer!  Check back here in the Spring for more information about the 2019 Summer Reading Club.  Information about last summer’s program is here.

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