School Plan

We are currently drafting a new Action Plan for Learning. At Noel Booth Elementary we believe that all children can benefit from social-emotional learning and self-regulation strategies and structures, and this is the focus of our new Action Plan.

If a child can learn to identify the signs of dysregulation in themselves, they can then begin to discover strategies to bring themselves into a balanced emotional state. For example, a child may experience anxiety when they are asked to work on an assignment. However, that same child is likely unaware of how they are feeling, they just know that the situation doesn’t feel right and they either begin to act-out or shut-down. Through targeted teaching of self-awareness and self-regulation strategies, the student can begin to recognize the warning signs of anxiety. Once they can identify these signs they can use self-regulation strategies and structures to calm themselves before there is an issue.

As we move deeper into our understanding of social-emotional learning and self-regulation, you will see it reflected in the classrooms, hallways, and learning spaces of our school. This shift in thinking involves a re-imagining of all learning spaces to provide flexible learning environments where all learners can be successful.

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