Aboriginal Program

wildcats5x3This beautiful carving of a wildcat, created by Rick Harry (Xwalacktun), is displayed in the office.

It is one of many displayed throughout the Langley School District.

Linda McCullough is the Aboriginal Support Worker for Noel Booth Elementary. Ms. McCullough works with students on Mondays and Wednesdays. Linda is Metis/Cree. Her Aboriginal name is Wasciyapus, which means someone with light, shiny eyes. Her name was given to her by her late Auntie Adelaide. Ms. Hart has worked as an Aboriginal Support Worker since 1999 and has been assigned by the Langley School District to provide support to aboriginal students. She has seen the program grow considerably since she started. It makes her immensely proud that so many families are celebrating their ancestral roots and becoming part of the program.

She grew up in a remote village at Cree Lake in Northern Saskatchewan. Because there was no school there, she attended a Residential School from Grades 1-7. She is active within the Aboriginal community and attends as many ceremonies as possible. She is a member of Waceya Metis Society and is the Women’s Representative for the Metis Nation of B.C. for the region and sits on the MNBC Region 2 Board for education and funding and is a member of the Lower Fraser Valley Aboriginal Society.

blanket_jpgThis button blanket came from Bradshaw Elementary School. It is displayed in the hall outside the library at Noel Booth. The button blankets were assembled by Ms. Hart and are displayed in the school. Every student had the opportunity to sew a button on the blankets.


Our Children Our Future

“Unless a child learns about the forces which shaped him; the history of his people, their values and customs, their language, he will never really know himself or his potential as a human being”.

– National Indian Brotherhood 1972

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