Additional School Programs

 Electronics Club

We have three BCIT instructors volunteering in our school.  Students in Gr. 6/7 had five 75 min. sessions creating machines and learning the vocabulary that is specific to electronics.  Gr. 4/5 students are enjoying the same five sessions.  The students are excited, engaged and inspired by this hands-on learning.

BC School Fruit and Vegetable Program

The program is a joint initiative under ActNow BC with partners from the Ministries of Education, Health and Agriculture and Land, providing fresh BC fruit and vegetable snacks to elementary school children.

Children receive fresh fruit or vegetables. Currently the snacks include baby carrots, mini-cucumbers and tomatoes, kiwifruit, apples, pears and plums.

If you require more information please contact Mrs. Star Gleboff at the school or visit the website:

Kilometer Club

Kilometer Club continues this year with Mrs. Taylor leading the way.


On Tuesday after school and Thursdays at lunch (12 – 12:25 pm), students are invited to go to the back field where they can run kilometers.

The kilometers are tracked throughout the year and top distances are rewarded at our year end assembly.
It is a year long program with the exception of bad weather months.

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