Reading Recovery

Langley Reading Recovery Centre

Noel Booth Elementary School
20202-35th Avenue, Langley, B.C. V2Z 1A2
Phone/Fax: 604 530-9718

Reading Recovery is an effective early literacy intervention designed to dramatically reduce the number of students with reading and writing difficulties. It provides a second opportunity for students who, after one year of school, have not yet established effective reading and writing processes.

The program supports these students to become increasingly competent and independent readers and writers through approximately 12-20 weeks of daily, intensive individual 30 minute lessons. The lowest literacy achievers in Grade 1 have received Reading Recovery support at Noel Booth since 1994.

Reading Recovery supplements regular classroom instruction and designs lessons to meet the needs of the individual student. It also enables students to make accelerated progress and brings most students to the average Grade 1 achievement level.

Teachers must attend on-going inservice sessions to maintain their status as Reading Recovery teachers. The program facility at Noel Booth has specialized observation rooms. Students are taught behind a one way glass while training teachers observe and discuss literacy theory and practice.

Teacher training in the program is provided by Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders at Noel Booth. Ms. Amanda Leach is training the new teachers.

For further information please visit the Reading Recovery website.

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